Noctifera Creations owner

About Us

Noctifera Creations is a small business run by a very small team of makers and creators. We specialise in offering a bespoke/custom made service for all your customing and accessories needs. We also create items/costumes etc related to Steampunk, Burlesque, Goth and Cosplay, some of which are in stock, ready to purchase and ship out. Most items we create are one of a kind, and we strongly believe that to achieve perfection, quality and create long-lasting items, things should not be rushed. We strive to be environmentally friendly so we minimize our waste as much as we can. We only have one home after all so we should take care of it, so, instead of purchasing new materials, we like to recycle and upcycle what our friends & family are throwing away and give them a new life. 

Steampunk & Burlesque